Ultega Trampoline Review

by Sandra Hugi, contributing editor

There is a fun way to lose weight. It sounds too good to be true. I always thought the fun was eating cookies and drinking beer. However, a guy I work with suddenly started looking thinner with each passing day. I hated to ask. Luckily, one of the busy-body ladies brought it up.

ultega trampoline review picUltega 12-Foot Trampoline – Check price

He said he got a trampoline for his kids. When they are gone, he jumps on it. This gets him out in the backyard where he ends up chasing his kids or using his calisthenics set which was rusting unused. Plus, trampolines provide a fun, thorough workout. So, I bought one and lost weight too. Ok, not 35 lbs, which I need to, but I lost nine lbs, which is more than I have lost in the past year. I was so thrilled I am doing this Ultega Trampoline review.

After my coworker shrunk before my eyes, I decided to do some research. It turns out that bouncing is fun, so it feels more like partying than exercising. There are benefits for the cardiovascular system. Muscle-tone comes back. The act of jumping engages the body’s core muscles. I found a brief article that explains this.

I was torn between two trampolines. It would be either the Ultega or the Skywalker. I was going with a 12-footer no matter what. I like to stay healthy, but I hate announcing my plans. If I got a big trampoline, then I could make it look like it was for the kids.

The Skywalker comes with the enclosure and spring pad. It has the galvanized steel. Both products have 72 springs. It pains me to admit I decided on the Ultega because of the video. It shows a happy couple assembling the trampoline. They make it look as joyful as Christmas morning.

Things I disliked

  • Shipping
  • Support poles


Supposedly, the trampoline arrives in three boxes at the same time. Forget that. The first battle-worn box arrived. The thing weighed more than I do! The shipper had abused it so badly that there were holes. The other two boxes arrived on separate days too. Luckily, my wife was home on one of those days. She had the guy haul it to the back yard.

Support poles

For some reason we had problems setting up the uprights. It wasn’t until I started attaching the saftey net that I realized I had forced them into the wrong position. Just then my brother-in-law came by. He pointed out that my we failed to follow the directions. Oops. Ok, so we had to go back and reattach them. Just watch out for this part as you set it up.

Things I like about the Ultega Trampoline

  • Enclosure
  • Assembly
  • Weight limit


I like the entrance. I have seen others that seem like they are almost in the way. This one is outside the jump area and it is user-friendly. Having eight support poles makes it feel spacious.


I was able to assemble it quickly, once I had the parts. I think it took me about two hours. The spring tool that comes with it is easy to use.

Weight limit

I like the 200-pound limit on this trampoline. knew it could handle my big body.

My recommendation

I never thought I would write an Ultega trampoline review, yet here it is. I bought this trampoline hoping to lose weight. I have done that. Well, at least a little bit 🙂  My kids like the trampoline. It is serving the purpose. And you know what? I am satisfied.

Where to buy it

Amazon has best prices. In season, and even out of season, their prices are unbeatable. In many states you don’t have to pay sales tax and they offer free delivery often.


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