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Reader guest post by Jason Erkele

My daughter’s face was priceless. We were trampoline reviewers. Finally, my side-job was paying off. What would my wife think of mystery shopping now? I dropped the news on my daughter three days after she launched her campaign to become the owner of her own trampoline.

She was running out of things to promise. I wanted to get her a trampoline, but I was going to wait until her birthday. Thanks to my side-job and a bit of good luck, we were slated for five, in-home, Springfree trampoline reviews. After the final review, we would keep our favorite trampoline.

Springfree Trampolines

What happens when an engineer wants a safe trampoline for his daughter? The answer is Springfree trampolines. The engineer is Dr. Keith Alexander. When his wife expressed concerns about safety, Dr. Alexander took it seriously. The statistical data showed she was right to worry.

Dr. Alexander is a professor of mechanical engineering. He was well-equipped to tackle the innovation. Most of the 100,000 trampoline accidents occurring annually in the U.S. involve children and springs. Dr. Alexander’s design eliminates the springs. All of the trampolines come with a safety enclosure.


Assembling the frame was easy. Springfree provides color-coded stickers. Figuring out how to put the rest of it together was a learning experience. The Springfree has innovative rods. They allow the trampoline to work without springs. I scanned the QR code with my phone.

This took me to a video by Springfree, showing how to install the rods. The first few were easy. The resistance increases with each rod. The last few are a little challenging. I had help from a friend. One person pulling up from below, as the video suggested, was a big help.

It took us two hours to assemble that first trampoline. On later models we were able to assemble them in an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. The safety enclosure is tricky the first time. We learned to insert the flexible rods until hearing a snapping sound. It works its way out of the pocket very quickly when left unsecured.


  • Ground Anchors
  • FlexrHoop
  • FlexrStep
  • Shifting Wheels
  • All Weather Cover

Ground Anchors

The ground anchors are easy to use. They keep the trampoline from moving around. Each box comes with two anchors.


A flexible basketball goal and backboard takes the fun up a notch. Dr. Alexander designed it to be safe. The rim is soft and flexible. Most accidents involving a basketball hoop are from people’s heads getting caught; the FlexrHoop has a quick release just in case.


The FlexrStep is a soft surface that parents can confidently introduce to the jumping area. Parents may lock it to restrict unsupervised access. It makes getting onto the trampoline easier.

Shifting Wheels

This is the best accessory. It is easier to move my trampoline than it is to move my sofa. Families who want a nice yard and a trampoline will appreciate them. Why work around the trampoline when you can simply move it?

All Weather Cover

Springfree offers a way to protect your trampoline. When the weather turns cold the trampoline gets less use. The cover prevents it from filling with debris and precipitation. The cover may extend the life of the trampoline.

Five Springfree Trampolines

Springfree has a full line of trampolines, but here are the ones we tried.

  • Springfree trampoline 8 x 11 ft. medium oval
  • SpringfreeTM Trampoline 8 ft. Compact Round
  • Springfree trampoline 13 ft. jumbo square
  • Springfree trampoline 10 ft. medium round
  • Springfree trampoline 8 x 13 ft. large oval

8 x 11-Foot Medium Oval

My daughter, Samantha, got her friends to help with the reviews. She threw, as she called them, “review parties.” My job was to serve refreshments. This trampoline was fun and safe. The kids tried to play basketball. It was a little difficult to keep a game going due to the number of players and the size. They ended up playing something similar to “horse.”

8-Foot Compact Round

The kids had a blast on this trampoline. However, it was a little small for a group of kids. I had to make more lemonade and cookie runs. The kids had more time to eat and drink while they waited their turn.

13-Foot Jumbo Square

This big, beautiful trampoline kept all the kids busy. They played two games of basketball. Sometimes they were all quiet sitting around the jump area. The refreshments lasted longer. The kids were never bored. Toward the end of the party they got hungry and came out hoping to find treats.

10-Foot Medium Round

This is a fun trampoline. It compares to the 8-footer. Experience told my daughter she would be better off to invite fewer guests. She wanted to include everyone, so she came up with non-bouncing activities. They took turns jumping and played board games seated on the jump mat.

8 x 13-Foot Large Oval

The kids had a blast. The larger size accommodates a lot of children. The bounce, as expected, was high-powered. The basketball game got good, similar to when they played in the Jumbo.

The reviews were complete and the kids were injury-free. Part of me wanted the 8-foot Compact Round. I love my yard and landscaping. However, the shifting wheels make moving it easy. Trimming is a breeze. My daughter’s vote was for the jumbo. We kept it and sent the rest back. It has been a great decision. My wife and I even get out there and bounce sometimes.

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