Skywalker Trampoline Reviews: Have More Fun with the 12′ Outdoor Trampoline

trampoline jumping outdoors is exhilarating
Jumping outdoors is exhilarating.

Reader guest post by Silvia Hristakis

Like many other people, I always found indoor trampolines a great source of fun exercise. So did my daughter, with her little Diggin Jump Start.  However, I was ready to ‘graduate’ (I guess that’s the right word) to an outdoor model.

We live in a condo complex, and actually don’t have much of a backyard. But after mulling it over, we decided to take the plunge. We checked out a few different brands, and they all seemed pretty good. Eventually we went with the the Skywalker 12-ft. outdoor trampoline.

Fast forward a month, and I was surprised I was still jumping regularly. I attribute this to two reasons: i) we bought the trampoline in May, and the weather in May/June last year was spectacular (no rain!), and ii) my little four year old grew out of her naps and was always bubbling with energy.

For a few months we simply got hooked to open-air jumping sessions. The trampoline created a safe, fun jumping area right in my backyard. No dragging myself to the gym.

Good value for money

I had never heard of ‘Skywalker’ before (except in Star Wars), and I didn’t have much expectation for a quality product.  But a year later I have to say I am a bit impressed with its durability.

This 12-foot outdoor trampoline continues to give us long hours of amusing, safe aerobic activity.

When safety is KEY

When it comes to safe fun, few units can replace this round trampoline. With 72 springs, this outdoor trampoline gives amazing ‘air’. If you wonder if it is safe for your young kids, it includes a special safety net that is fixed to the jumping mat.

Skywalker 12-Foot – Check Price

Inclusion of rust-resistant steel ensures that your Skywalker trampoline will not corrode. The risk here, of course, is not of the trampoline collapsing, but of the tubes rusting to each other. This makes disassembling the unit difficult (its always best to disassemble and store the unit for the winter months).

Having the perfect size, this outdoor trampoline can accommodate a child or a large adult. And remember…don’t forget to tell your kids and their friends to take turns on this Skywalker trampoline. It’s much safer that way. To be sure, make sure you supervise them.

What I like

Here are a few things I liked about this model. I understand that they are included in all Skywalker outdoor trampolines

  • It is easy to set up and maintain. My husband and I assembled it. It took a few hours, but we didn’t have a problem.
  • It can withstand extreme weather conditions. Make sure you tie it down with stakes!
  • It is extremely bouncy. This means fun.
  • The price. I got a great deal from Amazon.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty on framework, but you won’t need it.
  • Special T-brackets support every single frame joint. They also avoid frame bending.
  • The jumping mat prevents kids from slipping.
  • The jumping mat is also ‘durable, UV-protected’. I can attest to this with all the hot Georgia sun we get.

What you may not like

Despite various positive aspects of the Skywalker, there are a few features that left me a little disappointed.

  • The installation instructions are not very clear.
  • Though it is easy to set up this trampoline, the procedure is a little time-consuming.

You may be interested to check out other outdoor trampolines by checking out Skywalker trampoline reviews. After all, the brand is perhaps the most popular consumer trampoline on the market. And if you are looking for a bigger trampoline, you may find the Skywalker 15-Foot Round Trampolinea better alternative.


1. You don’t need to be an expert to set up this trampoline. But assemble the door correctly otherwise you may have to remove every spring and start over.
2. Keep safety in mind when bouncing on this trampoline especially if you have small kids. A little caution will go a long way.

How much did it cost?

We got ours for about $280 if I recall. But I have seen it for less than that.  Garret tells me that in season Amazon has low prices for Skywalker. I’m a bookkeeper and sometimes I wonder how they make any money.

Where to buy one

The weird thing I found about trampoline shopping is that there are few if any places to go and try them out and see how they look fully assembled.  So I just had to rely on reviews on Amazon. And in this regard the Skywalker looked pretty good.

Second, even if you can find a local place to try out some trampolines, you will be charged a delivery fee.  In contrast, online retailers have free shipping. We gave the delivery guy a tip and he wheeled it into our backyard.


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