Skywalker Trampoline Reviews: 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure

Skywalker trampoline review by Pat and GarretIf you really like jumping, and you are even mildly athletic, soon you will want to graduate from a small 8-10 ft. trampoline to a 14-16 ft. model. These larger models give you room to really stretch out.

When you start pushing the limits of your jumping comfort, they give you the peace of mind that a wide, safe cushion always awaits you.

If this is you, then consider the Skywalker 15-foot round trampoline. When it comes to trampolines, one of my favorite words is “safety.” And Skywalker trampolines have some attractive safety features.

Skywalker safety

The Skywalker line of trampolines strives to be different. The effort is apparent in the unique size and features. The Skywalker 15-foot round trampoline meets the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The goal is to provide a trampoline that offers everything including fun and safety.

ASTM International

The ASTM International is a globally recognized organization. Members voluntarily comply with safety and quality standards designed to improve the consumer experience. There are 30,000 technical experts from 150 countries involved. ASTM has 12,000 safety standards. The fact that my trampoline has their approval is kind of a big deal.

Skywalker 15 ft. – Check Price


Things I like about the Skywalker

  • The safety enclosure is attached directly to the jumping mat. This will prevent you from falling on the spring assembly.
  • The frame can be disassembled and stored.  This is a must for winter – if you want your trampoline to survive more than one season.
  • For someone jumping solo (and this should always be the case), large sized trampolines are safer than smaller ones – you have more room to screw up!  (and you will).
  • Heavy maximum weight capacity can accommodate those of us on the heavier side.

In many ways, this trampoline is like the Bounce Pro model that I review here. The unique, attached enclosure minimizes the risk of an ankle-sprain. It attaches through the V-rings using a buttonhole feature. It is secure and it makes assembly easy. The enclosure consists of a UV ray-resistant polyethylene material. UV ray-resistance is important, because your trampoline will spend months under the harsh damaging sun.

Now that I know how to assemble it, I can take the frame apart for storage. Other trampolines just sit there getting fragile under the sun. What if I want to change my landscaping? Sometimes I need to move the trampoline!

My children have a lot of friends and family. They love to have people over. The trampoline is a great way to spend time for kids, and keep healthy and active at the same time. But this 15 footer’s large size also has the ability to accommodate adults, which is nice.

windblown skywalker trampoline


Any complaints?

The 15 ft. model is identical to the 12 ft. model, except it is larger. And from my experience with the unit, I can say I dislike the following:

  • Cleaning fallen leaves off the trampoline is a bit of a chore if you have lots of trees in your yard.
  • Spring puller tool could be stronger.

The attached enclosure makes cleaning difficult – but this is true of any trampoline with an enclosure. And you really only have to deal with this in autumn, and only if you place your trampoline near trees.  You will have to get inside and gather the leaves and other debris. Then you place them at the entrance, get out, and sweep them into a yard-waste cart. If you have a leaf blower, these steps are simplified. Better yet, place the trampoline in an area of your yard where leaves don’t fall.

The spring puller is kind of flimsy, but sufficient enough to do the job.  It does take some muscle.  So have a stronger person help you with this task.


Watch out when you attach the enclosure. Line the door up properly before you fasten anything. Should you fail to do this (as I did the first time), you will have to undo some steps that you would rather not repeat.

Consumer reaction

If you read through some of the Skywalker trampoline reviews, you will find that people are satisfied with the size and safety features of the Skywalker 15 footer. Many of the Skywalker trampoline reviews mention the attached enclosure, and how happy they are with it. After all, safety is the top priority for most people. And the Skywalker design gives people the peace of mind they need.

Where can you buy the Skywalker 15 footer?

Amazon is the top seller of these units. I don’t know that for sure, its just based on my intuition and knowledge of the trampoline market.  I do know that  prices are unbeatable.  It must be because of the volume they sell. An indicator of how many Skywalkers they sell is the large number of reviews they have.  Right now you can get the Skywalker with free shipping, which is a big plus because trampolines weigh a lot.

How much should you pay?

The prices of trampolines fluctuate from season to season, and even from week to week. I regularly see the Skywalker 15′ at $400-500. Anything under $400 is a fair price, but if you see it below $375 then that’s a good deal. the cheapest I have seen it is on Amazon.



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