A High End Rebounder from Needak (Mini Trampoline Review)

The Needak Mini Trampoline stands at the top of the price range for rebounders. But arguably it is one of the best available for the money. It has a lot to recommend it and can serve a number of purposes.

While it has drawbacks, they all seem to focus on one specific aspect of it, and the company may be willing to correct the problem, though it would be better if they never let it happen in the first place. Otherwise, you do end up with an excellent product for a whole lot of reasons. Here are just a few of them.

Soft Bounce Technology

The first thing that you’ll probably notice about this trampoline is that they spend a whole lot of time talking about the “soft bounce” technology. It is really easy to dismiss this as a mere marketing ploy. In fact, a cynic would say it is simply some branding that was invented for no other reason than to trick customers into believing that there is some significant difference in the way this rebounder feels as compared to any other. Fortunately, that isn’t the case at all, and “soft bounce” does make a difference.

Needak folding mini trampoline
Photo courtesy of Needak.com

Basically, what soft bounce does is recalibrate the stiffness of the springs and the trampoline head in order to create a deeper, softer bounce.

This means that you probably won’t get the same height that you would from a stiffer rebounder. But the difference is negligible since the additional travel time from the lowest point of your bounce to the moment that you launch builds enough energy to get you some pretty good jumps. In the meantime, it feels so much better.

Instead of that sense that you’re fighting the tramp for air time, this feels almost magical. It’s the kind of bounce that kids imagine they’ll get on a trampoline, that sense of jumping on clouds as opposed to a tightly strung membrane.

Other than the sheer joy of it, soft bounce also makes it much easier on the knees to use. You can tell from the stabilizer bar that they sell separately that this was meant to be marketed to adults as much as children.  It is intended to be used as an exercise device, and I can see how it is a good workout and a lot of fun. Putting on some music and just bouncing around for a little while is excellent cardio and gives you some good leg and back work as well.

High end materials

Beyond that, the materials that are used are top notch. The trampoline head is sturdy and tightly woven. I don’t see this one tearing very easily even after a lot of use. The springs are made of high quality music wire.  They are tightly wound but able to stretch enough to give you a really good rebound with every jump. More to the point, there are enough of them to evenly distribute the weight and make sure that it doesn’t launch you off at any point.

A very sturdy trampoline

The Needak is a non-fold tramp, so it makes storage a little difficult.  But I still like this feature since it’s far too easy for folding varieties to close in on themselves during use. And that can be dangerous. The Needak can roll away and be put in a closet or against a patio wall pretty easily, so nothing to worry about there.

Finally, it’s very easy to set up and is American made, which is important to me at least and certainly to a lot of readers.

Any Complaints?

There are people who will complain about the lack of accessories with this model. But honestly that’s not really an issue for me. It’s a trampoline; I don’t need a carrying case to tote it around.

A few reviewers said they wished it came with a cover for the springs. Doing a little research, I found out that some of them ship with covers and some don’t for a reason that I don’t understand. However, if you call Needak, they offer you of a new one.  How is that for good customer service?

You can even a cover from another vendor. They are available from many retailers. Just make sure you get the right size.


You can’t get a better trampoline for this price. It’s tough, it feels good, and it will last.

More to the point, getting the stabilizer bar will really help make exercising easier and more fun. Ultimately, I recommend the Needak Mini Trampoline without any reservations.

Where can you buy the Needak Mini?

You can buy the Needak Mini at Amazon. I have found that Amazon routinely has great prices on trampolines.  Currently they have free shipping for this model. I have compared their prices, and at the moment Amazon has the best price.

Where can you read more reviews on the Needak Mini?

Where better to read reviews than from actual consumers who use the product. Amazon has a bunch of them.


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