Pure Fun Trampoline Review: I’ll Take a Pass, Thank You


Update as of 4/30/14: This trampoline appears to be no longer available for purchase from the retailers we researched.

The best trampolines last through hundreds of uses. But like any other toy, a trampoline comes with its own set of pros and cons. So without further ado, let’s see how this trampoline fares stacks up to the competition.

What Pure Fun says

According to Pure Fun’s sales literature, the 10’ outdoor trampoline comes with W-shaped legs for added stability, a high performance steel structure, a weather resistant mat, thick foam padding over the springs and a satisfactory landing area.

Some reviewers like this trampoline for the following reasons

  • Easy assembly – that does not require any tools or extra drilling.
  • Passed all ASTM safety requirements – this gives you some comfort that Pure Fun voluntarily met these safety requirements.
  • A two-year limited warranty – provides some comfort that the unit will last more than one season.
  • The rust resistant frame – not rust proof, but at least offering enough protection so that your trampoline won’t crumble into a pile of rust in a few weeks.

What I don’t like

Of course there are also some aspects that got to me, and were too obvious to ignore:

  • The quality of the enclosure net leaves much to be desired
  • One reviewer says that the assembly takes too long and it takes two people to set it up. With any of these trampolines, you should be prepared that the assembly might take a couple of hours. That is to be expected with the number of reinforcing supports that make the trampoline sturdy.
  • The user manual is not written clearly

Who is this for?

The 10’ outdoor trampoline would not suit parents who have a back or front yard that isn’t big enough to accommodate it. However, the trampoline is perfect if your yard is big enough for it. It can also save you the cost of a swing set or kiddie pool (by the way, if this trampoline isn’t your cup of tea, take a look at the Ultega Jumper Trampoline).

The mesh on the Pure Fun is UV resistant which can come in handy if you host a pool party during those hot summer days. In addition, the steel clamp connectors also ensure added stability. The warranty is for potential defects in materials and workmanship. A reviewer also related how the manufacturer was kind enough to replace the mat for her when it tore down the middle even though the trampoline was only used by two people.

Should you buy it?

So is the 10’ trampoline from Pure Fun worth it? Hard to say. Pure Fun has a mixed record when it comes to their products.  Their 8 ft. trampoline was harshly criticized by consumers who stated that the support poles bent and caused a severe safety risk to kids. Other consumers seemed ok with the trampoline.

Personally, I would stick to other brands.  Skywalker, for example, has a great review profile with none of the scary concnerns that seem to plague Pure Fun.

Update as of 4/30/14: This trampoline appears to be no longer available for purchase from the retailers we researched.


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