Best Trampoline Brands: Four Contenders

Reader guest post by Melchior Lainez

Our neighborhood has several young families, so my son has many friends. One way to keep the kids playing close to Mom’s watchful eye is to create a fun backyard. I decided to take fun up a few notches by purchasing a trampoline. There are several things to consider. My first priority is always safety. Quality goes along with accident prevention, so I wanted a good trampoline. My search for the best trampoline brand narrowed to four possibilities:

  • BouncePro
  • Skywalker
  • Pure Fun
  • JumpSport


Bounce Pro offers a safe product. Their trampolines are approved by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). The enclosures have an extra overhead canopy that may stop jumpers from reaching dangerous heights. The use of polyethylene netting offers some UV-ray protection. Its fine weave resists snagging. The jump mat is UV-resistant, giving it a longer life. The BouncePro 15-foot Combo has an enclosure is included.

Their 14-foot model has a spinner light in the middle of the trampoline. The light flashes different patterns as jumpers land on it. It gives children a bit more fun plus a target to keep them in the safest jump area.


The Skywalker line of trampolines has a unique safety feature that I like. The enclosure attaches to the mat. The risk of a foot or leg getting caught and injured is gone. The mat fastens to the enclosure using Skywalker’s patented interlocking button-hole system. It is a solid configuration.

The Skywalker, 15-foot round trampoline has an upper-enclosure frame, employs reinforced galvanized steel sockets. The design prevents structural twisting. Sixteen gauge galvanized steel forms the frame. The 96 heavy-gauged springs are gold in color and rust-resistant. The spring pad is filled with one-inch thick foam. It comes in red, blue, or green.

Skywalker produces a 15-foot rectangle trampoline with enclosure. The rectangular model uses many of the safety features Skywalker employs on the other models. Additionally, the spring pad attaches to the jump mat and frame. It stays securely in place, fastened with several reinforced stretch bands. It measures 15 feet by nine feet. Several children can play safely inside at the same time. This trampoline gives jumpers a higher lift than traditional trampolines. This is due to the springs working at different rates.

Pure Fun

Pure Fun makes a 15-foot round trampoline. The frame is secured with Pure Fun’s T-section assembly. The design adds stability. The springs are what the company calls, “high-performance.” The enclosure is included. The enclosure poles are padded with green and blue pads.

The company manufactures a smaller trampoline for bouncers who have limited yard-space. The round trampoline measures eight feet. It is similar to their larger model. The included enclosure is multi-colored.


The JumpSport Elite 14-foot trampoline with enclosure lives up to its name. The company makes high-quality trampolines. JumpSport’s patented safety net is internally mounted, making it comparable to Skywalker’s button-hole system.

The pad is similar to Skywalker’s with a one-inch thick foam filling. The Elite has the patented overlapping entry, created for safety. The frame’s construction is of thick steel; it comes with an impressive 15-year warranty. The trampoline has 35 inches of ground clearance. The ladder is highly recommended for this reason.

The Winner!

I decided to buy the Skywalker 15-foot rectangle trampoline. I like the fact that it has a nice bounce. My son and his friends appreciate that. It is a good trampoline for adult-use. My wife and I can stay in shape when the kids are playing at a neighbor’s home. It is durable and I can disassemble and store it in the winter. My son and his future siblings will enjoy it for many years. The price is a bit more than I wanted to pay, but the benefits make it worth the money.

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