The Five Best Rebounder Trampolines on Amazon

by Melissa Marseille, Junior Contributing Editor

Ok, so I wanted to improve my health. I read about a marathoner who trains on a mini trampoline. If it’s good enough for a distance runner, I thought, it’s perfect for me. Working out on a mini trampoline saves the joints. The low-impact workout provides all the benefits of running without the knee pain. What could be better?

I decided to compare five trampolines before choosing one:

  • Pure Fun 40-inch Mini
  • Sunny Health and Fitness
  • Urban Rebounder
  • JumpSport Fitness 250
  • Stamina InTone Jogger


Pure Fun

The Pure Fun 40-inch mini trampoline. First let me say I like the idea of a handrail. I want to be able to reach out to something sturdy when I need some help balancing. The fact that I can adjust it is a plus.

The size is about the same as most minis. The Pure Fun has five legs with padded feet. The 36 springs consist of heavy-duty galvanized steel. It supports between 220 and 250 pounds. The Pure Fun, like most models out there, has the blessing of the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Assembly is easy; it comes together without the use of tools. Ok, not bad.

But the reviews on the Pure Fun were staggeringly atrocious.  One star, two star.  Ouch! (check them out on Amazon)

Sunny Health and Fitness

On the other hand, the foldable Sunny Health & Fitness shrinks to a quarter of its size for storage. It comes with a bag for carrying and weighs less than thirty pounds. This feature alone is enough to get my attention. I already have a weight machine that serves me well—as a place to hang clothes! (I wish I could fold that thing up).

The unit comes with an adjustable three-position stability bar. This mini has six legs with only 32 steel springs. It will support between 250 and 300 pounds. The Sunny Health comes with a 30-day warranty and its cost is comparable to the Pure Fun mini.

But again, reviewers panned the Sunny Health.  For more than a few, it broke after a few hours.

Urban Rebounder

Kind of interesting. The included workout DVD makes the Urban Rebounder an interesting choice. The DVD includes three routines. This is a big help for beginners, like me. Another unique feature is the ability to fold it into an elevated position. This adds to the intensity of the workout.

The unit includes a balance bar for use in the flat position. The Rebounder has eight legs; two of them are long and two of them are short. The configuration facilitates changing from flat to elevated. The Urban Rebounder supports jumpers weighing up to 300 pounds. It’s really the Cadillac of mini rebounders. It is about triple the price of the first two models I discuss above. The trampoline comes with a one-year warranty.

Hmm…nice reviews!  Ok, the Urban Rebounder is a definite possibility.

JumpSport Fitness 250

The JumpSport Fitness is a unique trampoline. The mini offers a quiet bounce that is said to be almost silent. The patented FlexBounce system makes this possible. The JumpSport uses elastic cords instead of steel springs. This is what gives it the quiet bounce. Great if you live in a small apartment and don’t want to wake your spouse or neighbors.

Users say the elastic cords make jumping on it gentler. The mini is light; it weighs only 18 pounds. The steel frame is guaranteed… for life! It employs six specially designed legs; they are arched and provide excellent support. The mini trampoline supports hoppers of up to 250 pounds.

The trampoline also stacks well. The elastic cords take up some of the jump area, so it only measures 35.5 inches. However, the pedal-pad covers the elastic cords giving me room to move. The trampoline usually retails for over $200. But the jump mat is guaranteed for five years. The elastic cords come with a two-year warranty. This trampoline comes with a workout DVD. There is no handrail, but I can buy one separately.

Holy… Friggin… Cow!  I have never seen a better set of reviews (perhaps on any product, let alone a trampoline?).

Stamina InTone Jogger

This Stamina InTone Oval Jogger mini has a 38-inch diameter; most minis measure 40 inches. A non-adjustable stability bar is included. The unit comes with a workout DVD. It has four legs. The Stamina supports up to 250 pounds. It comes with a 90-day parts warranty and the frame is guaranteed for five years.

Hmm..also some really good reviews for the Stamina InTone.

My Choice?

My favorite is the JumpSport Fitness 250. The quiet bounce wins the day. I am an early riser; I enjoy my alone time. It would be nice to be able to exercise without making noise. The DVD is another advantage; I am a beginner.

I really wanted a unit with a stabilizer bar; but I can buy one. I think the extra expense is worth the trouble. My grandfather used to say that “buying cheap always costs more in the long run.” The JumpSport Fitness 250 is a high-quality mini trampoline.

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