Airzone Trampoline Review: 4 Reasons to Buy this Great Trampoline

Reader guest post by Melchior Lainez

In May, we moved out of our apartment and into a house. Finally, the kings of clutter (my kids) would have a backyard. My wife dreamed of a toy-free living room. I, on the other hand, was determined to turn my boys into athletes. Having this as a goal is how I ended up writing an Airzone Trampoline review.

My boys are four and six years old. I like to buy toys that help them with coordination and body awareness. The health benefits of trampoline bouncing are widely documented. The improved circulation helps cardiovascular health, jumpers have healthy lymph nodes, etc.

My wife needed convincing. I persuaded her by promising to do some things that I will probably regret. Will the boys appreciate it? I doubt it. During our trampoline negotiations, I read a study involving motivation, trampolines, and motor skill development. I did not plan to get that far inside the boys’ heads, but at least their mom finally gave in.

We decided to get an AirZone 8 foot with safety enclosure. The decision came after seriously considering several other competing models, such as the Ultega and the Upper Bounce.

I thought we would like the arched entrance in the Airzone. For the 8 foot Airzone, the weight rating is for 175 pounds.

Before I get to why I like the product, here is what I dislike:

The entrance

The entrance looks cool in the picture. The first time the boys used the trampoline I knew it would fail. When the zippered door is open, you have two options: Let it hang down the side or have the kids crawl over it. The door was the first thing my kids destroyed.

Enclosure design

The enclosure needs something to protect the net. I would love to see a crossbar that connects between the tops of the vertical supports. When the kids jump vigorously, I notice that they tend to grab the top of the net. The force exerted on the net tears it.

Ok, having said that, here is what I like:


The trampoline has a great bounce. It has been almost a year since we got it; the kids use three or four times a week. I bring it inside our garage during inclement weather.

Easy assembly

Assembly is easy to understand. The procedures are simple. There are photographs. Some of the steps are a little challenging physically, but easy to understand.


The Airzone takes a lot of abuse. It looks like a hardened warrior, but it holds up nicely. Who would have thought that for the money, it would stand up this well to the destructive duo? My kids love it and they play rough.


The pad, although it is losing its stitching, is nice. It provides good coverage. The Airzone is a “band” trampoline. This means it uses flexible cords in place of springs. After the pad is useless, my kids land on soft bungee cords.

I would change some things, but I am glad we bought the AirZone The price was reasonable and the kids love it.

Where I got it

I got my AirZone at BJ’s Wholesale, but it looked like a seasonal promotional item. Kind of hit or miss. Amazon has Amazon has AirZones on sale. Most states you don’t have to pay tax. And they even throw in free delivery sometimes.

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