Years ago, Pat and I purchased a toddler trampoline for our daughter. She had been jumping up and down on our hardwood floors for weeks, and… well… jumping on a hardwood floor just doesn’t work quite right.

Fun - just steps away from your door.
Fun – just steps away from your door.

Not a day or two passed after watching our little Jackie jump up and down on a toddler trampoline, giggling with delight, when Pat and I got the idea to buy a mini trampoline for ourselves.

From there, we graduated to a backyard trampoline. This was due in no small part to the encouragement of our son, Jeremiah.

Soon thereafter, we were enjoying evening jumping sessions and were introduced to obscure health concepts such as “lymphatic drainage.”

Pat and I assembled this site to spread the word and help would-be trampoline purchasers educate themselves about products and options. Some of the articles we’ve written ourselves, and others were written by other trampoline consumers. If you like trampolines, and would like to write for us, send us an email. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy jumping,

Pat and Garrett.